The airlines will not confirm the exact flight that a bike will be on until 30 days prior to departure. What our clients typically do, is fill out a reserve pallet space or full shipping application form and put their booked flights on the application. By doing this, they lock in their shipping rate and we are on top of getting their pallet space immediately when that 30 days prior arrives. Sometimes, the airlines cannot put the bike on the exact flight that they are traveling on, but will put it on another flight. We always do our best to try and get the bike on the same flight as the passenger, but the airlines have complete control over this. This is all stipulated in their shipping contract.

If you would like to RESERVE pallet space now, you can do so with a 25% deposit. This will be refundable less a service fee of $50. USD per flight.

If you are leaving within the next 35 days, you must fill out a complete shipping application.

Below is the application to Reserve Pallet space today.